The hope at the end of the journey

Would you ever study if you know you’re gonna fail?

Why we work?

All motivational speakers advise you to start working with the goal in your head. It is the main thing that pushes you to work and do your best to achieve something and the more you love this goal, the less you hate suffering for it.

A word that changed everything!

I remember the first time I learnt about the journey people in Africa have to do to get water, I coudn’t beleive it and could’t stop imagining all the hard things about it; long walks carring heavy things in bad roads, imagine a woman or a child who has to do it by himself.
For me, it was like a daily servival story that demands a huge effort.
But the word that shocked me:”THEY DON’T EVEN GET CLEAN WATER”.

What!!! After all of this?!

The empowerment Goal

They deserve a goal.. a clear one. They deserve to achieve it.
The core of empowerment is to give the little -critical- help that will give meaning to all the efforts they do.
And a water filter is the instant answer.
It is the missing part that gives the journey a meaning and make it a story for living more properly and gives faces that look.