Good Filter RO Unit


A long lasting one stage eco-friendly water filter, made from natural components and treated with nano Silver technology. designed for your home/office.

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The Good Filter RO Unit is considered to be a great sustainable alternative to the 7-stages water filter with a remarkably smaller size, longer life, and less initial and running cost with 3 main stages only.

Good For Your Health
– The First stage is made of sustainable colored ceramic casing with Activated Carbon treated with Silver nanoparticles and a 5-micron nonwoven textile that works on purifying water from any bacteria, Algae, fungi, impurities, chlorine, color, odor, taste, heavy minerals, and rot to give you a healthy and safe drinking water for up to nine months.
– The second stage is the Reverse Osmosis unit that works on lowering the Total dissolved salts and conductivity content to the healthy limits in case of regions with high TDS values with a lifetime up to two years.
– The Third stage is the Calcite cartridge that adds healthy minerals and calcium back to the water after the RO unit with a lifetime up to two years along with the RO Unit.

Good For the Environment
The Filter’s Cartridge is made of Eco-friendly natural and recyclable components. After the life time of the Cartridge ends, it is replaced with a new one while the old Cartridge is recycled and used again in the production.

Good For the Community
By buying the Good Filter you are not the only one who will drink clean water, With Each Good Filter sold, a free ‘Hayah Filter’ is distributed to a family in need in rural communities across Egypt With our One-For-One impact model.

Filter Components:
1. Filter Casing
2. Water Tap
3. tank
4. 3-meter plastic hose
5. Electric Motor
6. Plastic wrench
7. ceramic cartridge
8. Calcite Cartridge
9. RO unit

Package Dimensions (cm):
30W x 50L x 60H

Package Weight:

6 kG
The Filter’s Cartridge is available in two colors blue and pink.

About Water Will : Water Will is the world bank’s winner social startup of middle east and north Africa innovating sustainable water solutions serving both the premium markets as well as the rural communities with its unique patented technology and its One-For-One impact model. Water Will is Co-Funded by the European Union and the winner of many Startup competitions like the social startups summit in 2020. Both its Technology and impact is featured in many platforms like Cairo scene, Startup Scene and wamda as well as the world Bank official website.

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Blue, Pink