Hayah Filter


It is a ceramic water filter made from natural components and recyclable components serving rural communities through natural filtration and nano silver technology.

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Using the Nano silver technology as well as natural filtration, the Filter works on purifying water from any bacteria, Algae, fungi, impurities, color, odor, taste, heavy minerals, and bacteria specially in the extreme areas in rural communities on any water source available.
You can order it now as a gift and it will be delivered to a family in Upper Egypt that doesn’t have access to clean water to give them a sustainable safe drinking water for more than 2 years without any future maintenance cost.

Filter Filter dimensions and specification:

Dimensions: 30Wx30Lx28H
Weight: 4.5 KG
Bucket weight: 0.8 KG
Bucket height: 40 cm
Bucket diameter: 31 cm

Important note: The filter will be delivered with your name as a gift to a family in rural community in Egypt free from charge from their side. Photos and videos will be sent to you confirm the delivery once is done.

About Water Will : Water Will is the world bank’s winner social startup of middle east and north Africa innovating sustainable water solutions serving both the premium markets as well as the rural communities with its unique patented technology and its
One-For-One impact model. Water Will is Co-Funded by the European Union and the winner of many Startup competitions like the social startups summit in 2020. Both its Technology and impact is featured in many platforms like Cairo scene, Startup Scene and wamda as well as the world Bank official website.