The Good Filter


A long lasting one stage eco-friendly water filter, made from natural components and treated with nano Silver technology. designed for your home/office.

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Good For Your Health

The filter is treated with nano Silver technology that works on purifying water from any impurities, chlorine, color, odor, taste, heavy minerals, and rot to give you a healthy and safe drinking water for up to nine month without interfering in the valuable minerals inside the water.

Good For the Environment

The Filter’s Candle is made from eco-friendly natural and recyclable components. After the life time of the Candle it is replaced with a new one and the old candle is recycled and used again in the production.

Good For the Community

By buying the Good Filter you are not the only one who will drink clean water, With Each Good filter sold, a free hayah Filter is distributed to a family in need in rural communities across Egypt in a 1 for 1 impact model.

Filter Components

1- Filter Casing with the 10″ ceramic candle in it.

2- 1 meter plastic hose.

3- Candle exchange key.

4- Water Tape Switch

Package Dimensions (cm):

15L x 15W x 33H

Package Weight:

1.75 KG

The Filter’s Candle is available in two colors blue and pink.